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It is AeroCare's fundamental mission statement to ensure the quality and integrity of care and service to our valued customers.

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Over the years I've had great difficulty when it came to getting a good night's sleep. I would toss and turn, wake with headaches, sore throat and complaints from my wife that I was keeping her awake. Finally convinced, I had my physician do a Sleep Study on me in a sleep lab. The results indicated that I had Obstructive Sleep Apnea. My physician prescribed a BiPAP machine and that changed my life dramatically. I'm now 63 and have no trouble getting a good night's sleep ... my wife now gets a good night's sleep, too. 
AeroCare’s team of healthcare professionals delivers quality equipment and service across the country.  Although AeroCare provides a variety of home medical equipment products, focusing on respiratory products such as oxygen, CPAP/BiPAP machines/supplies, nebulizers and nebulizer medications allows us to provide a higher quality of service for those patients who need to “breathe a little easier.”

Please contact your nearest location for help or services regarding any of our respiratory products or home medical equipment needs.  Or, if you just need help with information regarding your insurance coverage, call one of our locations so that a Customer Service Representative can assist you with determining your options.

Notices and News

Notices and News
CPAP Therapy Provides a Memory Boost for Adults With Sleep Apnea
Sep 23, 2010 15:09

ScienceDaily (June 11, 2010) — Continuous positive airway pressure therapy helps restore memory consolidation in adults with obstructive sleep apnea, suggests a research abstract presented June 9, 2010, in San Antonio, Texas, at SLEEP 2010, the 24th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC.

"The most surprising result of our study, thus far, is the noticeable improvement in memory that CPAP patients experience," said lead author Ammar Tahir of the Memory Laboratory in the department of psychology at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. "These results suggest the success of CPAP therapy in regenerating obstructive sleep apnea patients' memory deficits."