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SoClean Neutralizing Pre-Wash (8oz)

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Neutralizing Pre-Wash (8oz)

The SoClean pre-wash is a special fragrance-free hypoallergenic cleansing solution for your CPAP equipment. It is strongly recommended that you use the SoClean pre-wash (or a fragrance-free dish soap) anytime you hand wash your CPAP equipment.

It is important to wash your mask, hose, and reservoir using the neutralizing pre-wash before the first use of your SoClean and anytime you introduce new equipment to your CPAP system. The purpose of this is to neutralize any pre-existing odors from detergents and to remove any residue from manufacturing that could react with the activated oxygen. Use the pre-wash in your sink with water, like you would with ordinary dish soap.

Washing your CPAP equipment:

Use 1/4 of the included pre-wash bottle with a gallon of water to wash your CPAP equipment (mask, hose, and reservoir), and then rinse thoroughly.

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